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McCon-O-Pot  -  195  DKK
Conventional pots are not calibrated for your exact needs! Many boutique manufacturers either ripped off the old ICAR design, or copied it exactly only to put a new name on it and resell it as their own design. (That is just ridiculous isnt it?) So many guitar players today want an ICAR tapered pot (usually not even knowing what it is or why they need it) …because Jimi Played One.

Well, he also never used a personal computer while on tour to keep in touch with his family; he never made a cellular telephone call. Nor did he use the Internet for simple transactions; He never used a GPS…

Face it folks, similarly speaking the effects world has changed since then. Im sure that if he had access to the stuff we do today, he agree some of it is pretty awesome, and undoubtedly use it. Things such as: True-bypass, rotary tone selector switches, input buffers (for fuzzes to be put post Wah in the signal chain), and improved designs on many of the semiconductor components readily available today. Items such as: resistors, capacitors, potentiometers, and more efficient transistors to name a few.

This Pot has MUCH more sizzle by design through the culmination of efforts (coupled with technological advances) where I worked with CTS to make a better, more reliable pot for all of us. It is included in all McWah 2bs built after May 15th 2010.

  • The McCon-O-Pot features a heavier construction than the standard series pots usually offered which makes it more heat tolerant for the less than savvy soldering types out there.
  • It has a smoother top end in order to control those nasally treble sounds that are very hard to combat by way of a custom, one of a kind taper.
  • It features an all-brass bushing and shaft for a smooth day-to-day operation, and more durability.
  • It is a drop-in replacement for almost every vintage, or new wah available today.
  • It has an additional pronounced middle area (rotation/feel)
  • Its Crybaby, and Vox compatible. It is a wonderful (easy) upgrade for any wah with an OLD SCRATCHY POT. Try it today, you will LOVE it. Guaranteed!

  • McCon-O-Pot

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