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Wah Board new vox type  -  195  DKK

Wah Board new vox type

Wah Board new vox type

Wah Board new vox type

Wah Board Special

Because of the Wah Pedals rubber feet, it was difficult to mount it securely to the pedal board.The Wah Board Special will relieve you of any stress associated with a poorly mounted wah!! There is no need to modify the Wah and the mounting method is simple. It mounts directly on top of the original bottom panel. Recessed screw holes provide a smooth surface for mounting. Now theres nothing protruding, rubber feet or screws, to get in the way of the wah adhering solidly to the pedal board.

Available for both Cry Baby type and VOX (new) type.

  • Cry Baby type: JimDunlop, Cry Baby, Old Vox without AC Jack, Budda, RMC
  • VOX New Type: New Vox with AC JackMSRP

Note: When mounting it on the Cry Baby, please make sure to remove the battery box cover. Velcro tape is not included.

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