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Fuzz Phrase  -  1.395  DKK
Vintage Fuzz Face, a legendary sound that shaped a generation...

Fuzz Phrase

Fuzz Phrase

Made from the greatest parts and with carbon comp resistors for pure vintage sound. Every pedals are hand painted.

There are many variables that determine the quality of the tone and the cleanup ability of the Fuzz Face. We feel that transistor choice is crucial, therefore we searched and found the best germanium transistors ever made.

The Gold Mullard OC44 and the Mil-spec OC44 (CV7003) germanium transistors, that are hand picked for gain and leakage.

Warm sound, great cleanability ! Just play with the guitar volume... or bass volume.

I love the unique warmth and complex harmonics of the Fuzz Phrase. It makes even a small combo amp sound huge ! ... Julien Kasper

Controls Level , Gain, internal BIAS trimmer.

Works with 9V battery or 9V DC adaptor this circuit uses positive ground. For that reason do not connect this pedal to the same power supply with other common pedals unless it has isolated outputs. Use only 5mA of power when ON and barely any power when off (under .2mA!) so the battery will last hundreds of hours !!

Fuzz Phrase
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