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OOD 9  -  1.200  DKK
Overdrive with the most natural tone

  • Overdrive sound from post-integration circuit smoothly changes according to input level, offering highly dynamic response to picking technique. Creates mild and warm overdrive like that of a tube amplifier. Updated version of very first Maxon overdrive, OD880.

  • Industry-standard op-amp, JRC NJM4558D offers low-noise overdrive sound. Employs a passive type overdrive circuit which differs from OD808/OD9.

  • OOD9 is most effective with tube amp, using like a booster.

  • True Bypass Switching with 4PDT mechanical switch. No tone changes when switching bypass/effect.

    OOD 9
  • Two-way power operation, using 9V alkaline battery or optional AC adaptor. 9V alkaline battery, more than 23 hours. Easy-access, tool-free battery compartment.

  • A stabilized DC to DC converter constantly provides stable DC9V power. Battery voltage drop and fluctuation of AC power source do not affect the tone and function. MADE IN JAPAN

    OOD 9
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