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HS-M12  -  371.07EUR

8 high current outputs in eight fully isolated sections.
4 outputs with groundbreaking, stepless voltage regulation feature (1V 24V DC), adjustable by multi-turn screw. The screen on the top is showing voltage value set on each output.
2 AC outputs (9V, 12V or 16V) with 1300 mA or 2000 mA max current that can also be used as 9V or 12V DC.
USB output that can charge mobile device or power LED lam to put some light on Your pedalboard.
All outputs fully isolated and compatible with pedals running on 9V DC
Movable power socket.
Powerfull, highest quality Toroidal Transformer that will not cause any unwanted noise, even when put directly next to effects.
Efficient voltage filters and stabilizers for perfect sound during whole performance.
Overheat and short circuit protection will always keep Your effects safe.
Fits under Pedal Train and can be easily attached to any pedalboard with screws.
Dim: 50 x 213 x 84mm. Power input switchable 230V/110V

9V or 16V AC 1300mA
9V DC 1300mA
12V DC 950mA

9V or 12V AC 1300mA
9V DC 1300mA
12V DC 300mA

ISO 3-4
9V DC 500mA
12V DC 330mA

ISO 5-7
9V DC 800mA
12V DC 700mA
15V DC 570mA
18V DC 440mA
20V DC 350mA
22V DC 270mA
24V DC 180mA

1V 22V DC 1100mA
23V 24V DC 750mA

5V DC 1100mA


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