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Ultra Vibe II 110V  -  398.34EUR
Ultra Vibe II 110V

If you want simply the best vintage Uni-Vibe sounding pedal available, then look no further than the Ultra Vibe II. The Ultra has the modern advantages of true bypass 1/4 W carbon comp resistors custom-made photocells and the right bulb, a smaller footprint 17 X 12cm for more room on your boards. Soundwise, the Ultra-Vibe has few peers. Its warm and breathy with a lush 3-D liquid quality that envelopes your signal effortlessly.

  • Bulb bias adjustment thru bottom of unit
  • Custom reverse engineered photo cells (from a 1969 Uni-Vibe)
  • AC power (no wallwart)
  • Footswitch chorus/vibrato w/ LED indicator
  • True bypass w/LED indicator
  • Volume Control
  • Adjust the output to match the input level.
  • Intensity Control
  • Adjust the depth or intensity of the effect, also effects the bias of the sweep to some degree
  • Speed Control
  • Adjusts the speed of the sweep. From a slow rolling phase to a bubbling, watery, pulsing throb

Just about any passive type volume pedal or expression pedal will work with the Ultra Vibe. Of course some better than others, due to the value of the pot in the pedal. The ideal value would be a 100K reverse log taper. But I have found that many other values will work satisfactorily. To conserve space the UltraVibe uses a " stereo tip, ring, sleeve switching jack for the controller input. You can use it as is with expression pedals where the cord is already connected to the pedal such as Roland, Ensoniq and other keyboard expression pedals. To use a passive volume pedal you will need a special cord that consists of a stereo plug on one end and splits into two mono plugs. These are the same cables used in the channel inserts on mixing consoles.

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