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**Pete Cornish**
HD Guitar 2 Meter Angle-Angle  -  85.79EUR
HD Guitar 2 Meter Angle-Angle

Regular users of Silver Signature HD guitar cables include; Dickey Betts, Lou Reed, Joan Armatrading, Mike Rutherford, Sir Paul McCartney, Bryan Adams, Mark Knopfler, Sting, David Gilmour, Iron Maiden, Jimmy Page, amongst others being supplied as a vital part of each effects board and rack system that we build to ensure total reliability for national and international touring.

The cable itself is sleeved overall with a tough Polyamide 6-6 woven braid which has excellent abrasion and cut through resistance and is continuously rated at 170C, 230C peak.

The Neutrik jacks we use have solid die cast bodies; with a matte black chrome finish, are individually hand soldered and have no internal rivets or screws to work loose.

Before receiving the Pete Cornish signature, every cable is rigorously tested. Conductor resistance must be less than 0.5 Ohm and insulation resistance at 500V test voltage must be more than 200Megohms to meet high quality control standards.

Absolutely the very best available anywhere. You cannot find a better cable design manufactured especially for your guitar or bass that uses the tested technology of these cables. Built rugged to last on the road and designed to sound quality specifications second to none.

Our highly acclaimed Super Cables are the result of many years research into the needs of professional musicians. The physical and electrical demands on this vital link from the instrument to the outside world have never been fully addressed until now and we are proud to present our latest contribution to reliability on stage and in the studio. The cables are Uni.-directional i.e. they are designed to use with the end marked with a green cap and AMP label connected to the amplifier, either directly or via pedals, etc., thus ensuring that airborne interference is by-passed to earth at the earliest opportunity. We have found our system of semi-balanced wiring to be most effective in reducing the amount of radio frequency interference collected by the guitar cable when in an area of high field strength.

The Silver Signature series guitar cords are being supplied to clients world-wide as their superior performance gains recognition.

HD Guitar 2 Meter Angle-Angle

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