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HD-2 SPK 2 Meter
Angle-Angle  -  59.19EUR
HD-2 SPK 2 Meter<br>Angle-Angle

2 x Switchcraft Angle Jacks.
Heavy Duty Speaker Cables following on from the universal approval of our HD Guitar/Bass Cables we are proud to introduce our Heavy Duty Speaker cables. Using Neutric 1/4 inch jacks, all personally signed and sleeved by Pete Cornish after successfully completing our rigorous tests, these cables are specially designed to be the perfect interface between your Amp and Loudspeaker Cabinet, and to transfer the signal without losses or tonal change.

The cable used is Ultra Pure Oxygen Free Copper of very generous dimensions: each conductor comprises 84 strands of 0.15mm cores with a total area of is 1.5 Sq.mm. The insulator is a specially designed PVC Polymer which maximizes the flexibility, heat and stress resistance to ensure long life after many years of professional use.
The Cable Jacket is constructed from a neoprene-heavy, special PVC Composite which has an almost rubber-like quality and is high pressure extruded over the insulated and twisted conductors. The coil-ability of these cables is excellent even at low temperatures.

We over-sleeve the cable with a woven gray Polyamide Braid that has excellent abrasion resistance and allows immediate identification of the HD SPK Cables.

The tests carried out on every cable consist of:
1. Conductor resistance, Tip to Tip, must be less than 0.2 Ohms and we regularly achieve less that 0.1 Ohm in practice.
2. Conductor resistance, Sleeve to Sleeve, must be less than 0.2 Ohms and we regularly achieve less that 0.1 Ohm in practice.
3. Insulation resistance between conductors is measured at an applied voltage of 500VDC and must exceed 200 MegOhms.

We can supply HD SPK Cables of any length but would recommend that for lengths over 3m that our EXTRA HEAVY DUTY SPK Cables would provide even lower losses particularly for lengths approaching 15m.

HD-2 SPK 2 Meter<br>Angle-Angle

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