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Keymaster<br>Studio Effects Mixer

Keymaster<br>Studio Effects Mixer

Pigtronix Keymaster is a dual, true bypass FX loop pair that can be run in series or parallel. This intuitive, impedance matching device will route any signal into pedals and then back out to any where else. The Keymaster opens up new worlds of tone from the effects pedals you already own.

Keymaster lets musicians Crossfade between different effects (or entire pedal boards) with a standard expression pedal. The Keymaster also allows you to add an expression pedal controlled Blend function to your favorite delay pedal or any other effect. A player can turn effects off gradually this way for smooth transitions.

You can even make your own custom Disnortion by blending two crunch pedals together in parallel to achieve the ultimate thick wall of sound without the added noise of running multiple high gain pedals in series.

In the studio, Keymaster provides the ideal re-amp solution for engineers who wish to run a line level signal out of their console, into effects and then into an amplifier or back into the console; all from a single, easy to use interface sporting XLR as well as 1/4“ (balanced or un-ballanced) inputs and outputs.

Keymaster is also perfect for vocalists or horn players looking to manipulate effects on stage. Instantly blend a clean vocal into any effect by bypassing one of the channels. This is a perfect way to preserve a clearly discernable vocal while adding a layer of reverb, distortion or modulation effects to your mix.

Every once in a while a device comes along that simply and elegantly answers the unmet needs of musicians at every level. Whether you are a guitar slinging pedal fiend, a funky horn player or a professional studio engineer, the Keymaster will enable you to create new sounds with the gear you already have.

XLR and ¼ (bal / un-bal) inputs & outputs
Dual True Bypass instrument (pedal) level FX Loops
Impedance Matching, all Analog Audio Path
Series / Parallel operation
Crossfade function in Parallel mode with Expression Pedal
10db input gain boost / 10db output gain boost
Pigtronix 18VDC adapter included
Works with Voodoo Labs PP2
Circuit design by Howard Davis
Sound Design by David Koltai
Chassis Size = 14,5cm x 11,9cm x 3,8cm

Welcome! Thank you for entering the realm of Pigtronix. The Keymaster you now possess is a universal analog signal converter that will allow you to interface any audio source with instrument level “guitar” pedals and return your signal back to the proper impedance on its way back out of this crafty little box. The ability to run the loops in series or blend them in parallel will lead to new sonic possibilities using the gear you already own.

As the name entails, Keymaster is designed to function in many situations:

On a pedal board it is a dual, true-bypass looper, giving you access to two preset signal chains of pedals. Furthermore, you can mix the channels, allowing for blended distortions with a crossfade via expression pedal and out-of-this-world modulation combinations. The gain sections also serve as line driver / pre-amp stages for your instrument.

In the studio, the Keymaster provides producers with a simple and effective solution for ReAmp applications. The Keymaster converts balanced, line level signals from the mixing desk to effects friendly levels and then returns the signal back to balanced output or buffered ¼ outputs for a guitar amp.

For Stage Vocalists, DJs, Rappers, Beat Box and Horn the Keymaster finally gives convenient on-stage access to the tools that guitarists use to define their sound. Keymaster is the ideal solution for anyone who uses a mic on stage, acting as a hub for getting your tone into effects and right back to XLR for the soundman or to your own amp. Pigtronix

The Interface. Jacks:

1. DC POWER 18-VOLTS – We suggest you use only the 18-Volt, 2.1mm negative tip power supply that came with your Keymaster. Using the wrong power supply is likely to result in a damaged pedal.
2. INPUT (BAL / UN-BAL) – Plug in your instrument here. TS or TRS ¼”
3. XLR INPUT – Plug mic / line level signals here. Note: XLR INPUT is bypassed when 1/4” input is in use.
4. OUTPUT (BAL / UN-BAL) – Plug in your amp, mixer, or DI box here. TS or TRS ¼”
5. XLR OUTPUT – Output mic / line level signals here. Note: XLR OUTPUT is bypassed when 1/4” output is in use.
6. SEND A – Send to input of pedal chain for LOOP A
7. RETURN A – Return from pedal chain for LOOP A
8. SEND B – Send to input of pedal chain for LOOP B
9. RETURN B – Return from pedal chain for LOOP B
10. EXP – This allows for expression pedal crossfade between the two loops in parallel mode. Footswitches:
11. LOOP A – Turns on LOOP A
12. LOOP B – Turns on LOOP B Knobs:
13. IN BOOST – Up to 10db of input gain going into the loops.
14. OUT BOOST – Up to 10db of output gain going out of the loops.
15. CROSSFADE – This dial controls the output mix between LOOP A and LOOP B when the Keymaster is in parallel mode. Bypassing one of the loops will allow you to mix the other loop with your original input signal.

Toggle Switches:
16. SERIES / PARALLEL - In series mode, LOOP A will come before LOOP B. In Parallel mode, the audio in LOOP A and LOOP B are mixable via the CROSSFADE knob.
- In the Parallel mode, bypass one loop to crossfade your clean signal with an effect in the other loop.
- In the Series mode, the CROSSFADE knob is not active. In the Series mode, LOOP A is followed by LOOP B.
- The Keymaster is not intended for use as a standalone mic preamp. However, with the large amount of headroom this device provides, you can feel free to put a mic pre in one or both of the FX loops.
- The XLR input option is bypassed when you use the ¼” input. The XLR output option is bypassed when you use the ¼” output.
- Use the Keymaster as an active A/B/Y splitter to run two amps from the SEND jacks.
- Use the Keymaster as an A/B/Y to mix two instruments by running them into the RETURN jacks.

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