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**Option 5**
Bump  -  974  DKK
Destination <br> Bump
The destination Bump is a super simple, easy to use, reliable and necessary tool for any pedal arsenal. Use it to bump up the volume for solo work. Use it to revive tone from long lengths of cable and too many pedals. It can also be used to bump the front end of a tube amp or your favorite gain pedal for unbelievable overdrive and distortion tones. All at a price and quality make that you have come to expect from Option 5. These little boxes are so handy, you may as well have two!


All analog circutry.
0 to 15 dB of CLEAN gain!
VERY low noise floor.
Easy to adjust gain trimmer will not be moved accidentally by your foot!
Standard, regulated 9 volt DC wallwart operation.
True Bypass.
RoHS compliant.

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