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**Pro Tone**
Hustler  -  1.100  DKK

  The Hustler is a 70s style fuzz that covers the full range from a timid crunch to full on sonic oblivion! For truly bulky fuzz, The Hustler Fuzz is the way to go. Fuzz boxes dont get any more stout than this.  

  The Hustlers tone control brings out a range of heavily filtered tones, while maintaining its sexy bottom end and sizzling top half.  


  • Operates on a standard 9 volt battery or optional BOSS style adapter.
  • Stomp switch built to withstand 30,000 stomps.
  • Aluminum housing with a tough-as-nails powder coat finish.
  • Hand built construction.
  • Color Coded LED for easy onstage identification.
  • Proudly made in Texas, USA.

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