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**TV Jones**
TV Classic Plus Bridge FT1+ENG-HT  -  895  DKK

TV Classic Plus Bridge FT1+ENG-HT
  The TV Classic Plus takes the vintage twang and growl of the TV Classic and cranks it up a notch with slightly more output and midrange growl. This bridge-only pickup compliments the TV Classic in the neck or a Super Tron in the neck. If youre looking for a little extra punch in your bridge pickup, the TV Classic Plus is the answer.

For Gretsch 5120/5122 Electromatic, Ibanez Artcore and Gibson hollow bodies with a humbucker cavity we offer the English Mount.

We produce the TV Classic Plus with our own parts made entirely in the USA. The soul of this pickup is in the magnets we use: We analyzed 1/4 inch thick late 1950s alnico magnets and reproduced them especially for use in our TV Classic and Classic Plus.

TV Classic Plus Bridge FT1+ENG-HT

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