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Commander  -  229.96EUR


  • 10 user customizable presets
  • 5 preset access switches, plus bank up/down
  • Phantom powered by Pedal Switcher
  • Controls an unlimited number of Pedal Switcher units
  • Multiple Commanders can be used for changing presets from an alternate stage position
  • MIDI In/out

WHAT IS COMMANDER? The Commander foot controller instantly adds programmability to an unlimited number of Pedal Switchers. Now with one stomp, you can instantly go from screaming vintage fuzz with flange and echo, to clean straight-to-amp tone without ever missing a note. Commander gives you 10 user-customizable presets and is phantom powered by Pedal Switcher. For instant punch-in/punch-out selection of multiple effects, you can toggle between pairs of presets with a single button. It will even send a MIDI program change with each preset to your MIDI controlled amp or effect processor. Plus, multiple Commanders can be used for changing presets from an alternate stage position.

CONNECTION - Commander is phantom powered by Pedal Switcher through a standard 5-pin MIDI cable. Connect a MIDI cable from Commanderís MIDI OUT to the MIDI IN of Pedal Switcher. If you have additional Pedal Switchers or MIDI devices, connect the MIDI OUT of the first Pedal Switcher to the MIDI IN of the next device. Continue to chain your devices until they are all connected. Important Note: If your Commander doesnít power up, hereís the problem: MIDI only requires 3 pins, so to save money some cables only have these 3 pins wired. Since Pedal Switcher uses the 2 unused pins to send phantom power, these cables donít work! You need to make sure your cable has all 5 pins wired. Cables with all 5 pins wired are often labeled 5-Pin Active.

SELECTING PRESETS - Commander lets you create and instantly recall 10 different preset configurations of Pedal Switcher settings. These presets are organized in 2 banks as 1-5 and 6-10.
To activate a preset: 1. Press BANK if necessary to select 1-5 or 6-10. 2. Hit the desired preset number. All Pedal Switchers will now instantly change to your programmed preset configuration. Also, a MIDI program change command will be sent to any other MIDI devices (see Controlling Other Devices via MIDI below). PROGRAMMING PRESETS Regardless of whether you have only one or an entire herd of Pedal Switchers, creating presets with Commander is quick and easy.
Hereís how:

    1. Make active all the Pedal Switcher loops you want.
    2. Select bank 1-5 or 6-10 on Commander.
    3. Hold down BANK/STORE until it starts blinking (about 3 seconds), then hit the desired preset button at the same time. All LEDs will flash briefly to confirm that your preset has been saved. Thatís it!

A/B BANK SWITCHING - In addition to changing presets as described above in Selecting Presets, you can also toggle between pairs of presets with a single button. This allows you to instantly jump between two completely different sounds, something that you canít do with a traditional pedalboard because it would require multiple button hits. When you hit the switch on Commander for the active preset, it will instantly move over to the same position in the other bank. Hit the same switch again and youíre back to the original preset. For example, if you have your favorite clean sound in preset #1, you can put a lead sound in preset #6 and instantly A/B between them! You can do the same thing for 2/7, 3/8 and so on. By setting up your sounds in Commander this way, you may never need to use the Bank Up/Down button again.

CONTROLLING OTHER DEVICES VIA MIDI - While not designed as a dedicated MIDI foot controller, Commander will send program changes to any external MIDI device. This is useful if you have a multi-effect unit that you want to change along with your Pedal Switcher loops. By connecting the MIDI OUT from a Pedal Switcher into an external effect device, Commander will send out the program change as well as switching your Pedal Switcher loops. Commander sends program changes 1-10, corresponding to the preset number, on MIDI channel 1.

  • Can I use a third-party MIDI footcontroller with Pedal Switcher?
    Not really. You can call up the Pedal Switcherís presets with MIDI program change commands, but there is no way to save or modify presets without Commander.
  • Can I change the MIDI channel the Commander sends program changes on?
    No. Commander only sends program changes on MIDI channel 1. If you need to do more intricate MIDI mapping and program changes, the Ground Control Pro is better suited for those applications.
  • Can I use a Commander to control the rackmount GCX Audio Switcher?
    No. Commander was specifically designed to work with Pedal Switcher only. Since the GCX has no instant access switches, you wouldnít be able to select your loops or save them.
  • Can I use more than one Commander at the same time?
    Yes. Multiple Commanders can be used for changing presets from an alternate stage position. However, you will need a cable adapter to provide phantom power to the 2nd Commander.
  • Can I control the Commander remotely with any MIDI controller?
    Yes. You can call up Commanderís presets remotely with another controller or sequencer using MIDI patch changes.

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