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Pedal Power ISO-5  -  146.17EUR
Pedal Power ISO-5

1. 9VDC 100mA outputs 3 pcs.

2. 9VDC 300mA high-current output. This output can also power ordinary low current pedals.

3. 12VDC high-current output. Use for all devices which require 12V at 300mA Most devices that use a 9V unregulated adapter should be powered from this output. Note: The 9V and 12V high-current outputs are not isolated from each other (their negative terminals are common). It is preferred to use only one. If using both, combined output should not exceed 300mA.

4. 18VDC output. Use for 18V pedals which operate from two 9V batteries or require less than 100mA. Do not power 9V effects at 18V unless recommended by the manufacturer.

  • Five isolated outputs. Compatible with all battery operated pedals Includes high current 9V and 12V outputs, plus dedicated 18V output Powers Boss Twin, Eventide, Line 6 modelers, and TC Electronic Nova pedals. Linear regulation and toroidal transformer for lowest possible noise. Compact design fits small pedalboards and rack shelves. Includes cables and detachable AC line cord. Engineered and handmade in the USA. 5-year warrant.

  • Short Circuit Protection - Every output on Pedal Power ISO-5 is individually short-circuit protected. This means that if you have a short in a power cable, or one of your pedals malfunctions, ISO-5 will turn off the power to only that pedal. All other outputs will continue to function normally with no long-term damage.

  • Toroidal power transformer. - Dim. 124 wide x 86 deep x 44mm tall. - Weight: 0.56 kg.

  • DC Power Cables Included.

    • 4 pc. 5.5x2.1mm angle barrel.
      1 pc. 5.5x2.1mm angle to straight barrel.
      1 pc. 5.5x2.5mm angle red barrel, reversed polarity.
      1 pc. 3.5mm angle mini plug.

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