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Mach II  -  146.30EUR
Mach II

  The Mach II consists of 2 Thruster circuits, 2 foot switches, 2 LEDs, and 3 knobs- oh yes folks 3 knobs... all in one little box! You now have total control over the Mach IIs gain stages. In addition, you also get a Master control that allows you to use it as an overdrive/distortion unit without changing your signal volume.  

  Stage 1 This gain stage is a regular Thruster... not that there is anything regular about the Thruster, but you get the idea. Stage 1 has no Master Volume control, it feeds into Channel 2, which makes full use of the Master Volume control.

Stage 2 and the Master- Stage 2 is made up of the exact circuit as stage 1, but is fed from the output of Stage 1, and then goes directly to the Master control. The Master control allows the user to keep the output volume under control when stages 1 and 2 are set high.

Mach II

  • Operates on a standard 9 volt battery or optional BOSS style adapter.
  • Stomp switch built to withstand 30,000 stomps.
  • Aluminum housing with a tough-as-nails powder coat finish.
  • Hand built Point to Point construction.
  • Color Coded LED for easy onstage identification.
  • Proudly made in Texas, USA.

    Mach II

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