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Fender Hot Rod DeVille
212 Control Cable  -  39.77EUR

The cable enables to control over FENDER branded amps:
- Hot Rod Deluxe, - Hot Rod DeVille 410, - Hot Rod DeVille 212, - FM 100 Head, - FM 212R.

This cable can be used also with other amps controlled by the 2-button 3-function footswitch FENDER product No.: 0994062000:

  • Channel
  • Gain
  • More Gain functions

The SW1&2 marked ending of the cable should be connected to SW1&2 or SW3&4 outputs of the controller and the other ending not marked should be connected to the FOOTSWITCH amp input. The work status indicating panel (yellow indicator is lit constantly, when red one besides is lit More Gain, when red one external is lit channel overdriven).

Fender Hot Rod DeVille<br>212 Control Cable
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