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Square Face  -  1.795  DKK

  The Texas Square face was originally designed as a replacement for Stevie Ray Vaughans fuzz faces, which were always dying. César built his circuit into one of SRVs dead fuzz face boxes and Stevie used it until his unfortunate death.  

Square Face

Square Face

  The square face is similar to the Dallas Arbiter Fuzzface, has Volume and Fuzz knobs, but comes in a small MXR distortion+ sized box.  

  The Unit is assembled with the same germanium transistors Cesar used in Stevie’s Square Faces. Germanium power output drivers produce a warm,”vintage” tone. Diaz ship the finished unit with an additional pair of silicone transistors inside the case. Guitarists who prefer more gain, a harder attack, and edgier tone can get all that by substituting these for the germaniums.  

Square Face

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