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The Leash  -  464.84EUR
Static Audio Load
The Leash

  Armed with Bad Cats proprietary Infinite Volume Control, The Leash provides seamless volume selection across your amplifiers power section. Unlike the attenuators of days gone by, The Leash will not tame your highs, choke your midrange, nor rob you of your bass. Whether engaged, or switched to bypass, The Leash is virtually invisible to your ears, even as you increase or decrease your volume. From growl to prowl, its as simple as a twist of a knob...in fasct that is all there is, one knob!

You can rap all of your tube amps potential without the fear of clicks, pops, radical volume changes, or unwanted noises whatsoever! From bedroom rockers, to the working Cats, The Leash will provide you with all of your tone at any volume...no compromises!

Dimensions L 13.36 cm. x H 12,7 x D 22,86 Weight 2,5 kg.

  Introduction This unique device allows you to run your guitar amplifier continuously at full power, overdriving your output tubes and transformer while you dial in the amount of volume you desire, at the same time preserving your overall tone. As with all Bad Cat products, The Leash is built using the finest components, housed in a compact, rugged enclosure for years of reliable service. The Leash boasts features exclusive to the industry, including a 100 RMS watt power rating and an infinitely variable rheostat. Bad Cat Amplifier Company is happy to provide a two year warranty on parts and labor to the original owner. Save your receipt! A copy must accompany unit for any warranty work.

Operation The Leash is easy to use. Just follow these simple steps for years of trouble-free service. Your equipment should be OFF while connecting. Plug your amplifier into the jack marked AMP and your speaker into the jack marked SPEAKER. Now, turn on your amplifier. The In/Out switch is true-bypass. There is a small amount of insertion loss when switching the device In (typically 1 db). Set the Ohms selector to match the output impedance of your amplifier and the Ohms rating of your speaker. Using a mismatched load will result in degraded performance. For best results in any case, always match the Ohms selector to the amplifier. To help with Ohms calculation, the two speaker jacks are wired in parallel (for use with additional cabinets). The large knob on the front controls your overall balance between speaker and load, from whisper quiet, to maximum loudness. The Leash dissipates unused audio power by converting it to heat. An AC power cord operates a cooling fan located at the top of the housing. This fan allows The Leash to operate at a maximum efficiency under all playing conditions. To prevent damage to The Leash or your amplifier, it is absolutely essential that the onboard cooling fan be operating whenever The Leash is in use.

Precautions It is commonly understood that static load devices can, under certain conditions, be harmful to the operation of an amplifier. The purchaser should exercise caution to determine the suitability of this device for use with peripheral equipment. If you have any question in regard to risks or compatibility, please consult a qualified technician before using. Bad Cat Amplifier Company is not responsible for collateral damage to other equipment while using this device, including but not limited to damage due to overheating, arcing or electromechanical failure. Never exceed the wattage rating of The Leash. The Leash is not a dummy load; never use The Leash without a speaker connected. Always use approved speaker cable, at least 18 gauge or larger. NEVER use a shielded guitar cord as a substitute for speaker cable.

The Leash

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