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SCH-Z Arion
E.W.S. Vibe Mod  -  212.14EUR
SCH-Z Arion <br> E.W.S. Vibe Mod

Many professional musicians use the Arion Stereo Chorus due to its unique tone. However, there have been many request to modify the pedal to make it more durable as well as better sounding. Highly skilled engineers at E.W.S (Engineering Work Store), of Prosound Communications Inc. Japan, have crafted special modifications to meet the pro musicians most severe demands.

ARION SCH-Z [CHORUS/VIBE] Mod by EWS features:
Installation of 3PDT Switch which makes the pedal True Bypass Modified tone adjustment for much smoother sound while retaining the original tone.
Vivid and readable blue LED.
Chorus and Vibe mode switchable : Note OUT2(STEREO) is no longer available due to this MOD.


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