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McWah 2b  -  3.295  DKK
McWah 2b
McWah 2b


Modeled after the highly desired 1967
VOX Clyde McCoy

This, like my pickups was an effort to re-create the correct warm, and vintage bite & feel of an old wah. I purchased several different wahs from many years, and was completely dissatisfied with all of them. This is how the McWah came to be ... a broke (imagine that) aspiring musician looking for authentic, vintage sounds. - Michael McConachie

100% HANDWOUND This (like my pickups) was a carefully studied, and concerted effort to stay true to original vibe, all while re-creating the necessary Vintage bite, warmth, and feel that good wahs have. I purchased several different wahs, from many manufactures and years of production (vintage, new, retro) and was dissatisfied with the way they sounded. Ranging from either needing a complete overhaul, to not having enough throat, or just being way too thin, and nasally sounding, I never seemed to find exactly what I wanted. In all honesty, it became an obsession. My learning started in modifying whatever circuit I could get my hands on. Eventually those notes, and ideas were transferred to a bread board, then a home PCB board. Eventually I learned, and paid my dues in PCB prototyping land, and after what seemed like years of refinement (trial and error) I resurfaced – and the McWah was born.

This is how the McWah came to be. A broke (imagine that) U.S. Enlisted Marine, and aspiring musician who was looking for authentic, vintage sounds all the while trying to find a way to find/obtain playable, good sounding gear. I wanted to be able to achieve this without having to buy an original $800.00 + Vintage (early model) late 60s Wah-Wah from eBay – something that would need more service to make gigable, costing me even more beer money that I was always lacking.

• Adjustable Tension Foot Treadle
• Heavy Duty Aluminum Case (…Really, its pretty hefty)
• True Bypass Point-to-Point wired to prevent excessive tone sucking when in the off position
• 1% tolerance resistors are used for better consistency in sound wah, to wah.
• High quality, Low-Noise capacitors are used for better filtering, and freq. response.
• Wax Sealed, Hand Stamped, and Hand-Wound (by me) 500mH Small-Hole Halo Inductor; nearly identical to an in inductor that you would find in a Vintage 1967 Clyde McCoy that various Celebrities used on monumental recordings.
• Hand selected transistors for maximum chewiness, and range of expression through out the operating band.
• Through hole soldered, solder masked, and protective coated board (designed by me, not a foreign entity) which allows for a proper solder connection, and greatly reduces the chance of future solder cracks; lead fee solder cracks fairly easy, and the woes of gigging can be hard on gear.
• Point-to-Point, hand-wired
• Heavy Duty Battery snap
• Heavy Duty On/Off Switch
• Heavy Duty Input/Output Jacks
• Standard 2.1mm Boss Style 9Vdc Input Jack
• Reverse voltage protected
• Filtered for noisy power situations
• McCon-O-Pot Equipped

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