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**Future Garage Sale Item**

  FUTURE GARAGE SALE ITEM is a riff oriented hard hitting rock band - centered around Mika Vandborg’s energetic flamboyant high energy guitar and the rough vocals of Thomas Carlsen there easily ranges 5 oktaves. Add a heavy allmost funky bottom provided by Mads Michelsen on drums and Jens Simonsen on bass, and youve got a classic smack in your face rockband.....

Thomas Carlsen - Vocal
Mika Vandborg - Guitar
Mads Michelsen - Drums
Jens Simonsen - Bass

  It all began in 2004 Touring with Mika Vandborg first solo album for a year, jamming at the odd number of sound rehearsals, trying out new riffs and so on there was no doubt left that something special was happening between the three guys Mads, Jens and Mika. So When sound tec. Poul S. proclaimed that if the three of them ever made a band, he insisted on mixing for them - no charge! something had to happen, I mean those guys never work for free !!. Now all they just needed was a front man no sweat !..Well easier said than done...A period of numerous auditions came (sigh !). But it was not until Thomas Carlsen stepped into the rehearsal room, grabbed a mike and screamed louder than the band... they knew that they had found the right man to front the band. The band teamed up with rock producer Per Lange....with a small set of rules.. No Compromises – All guitars tuned down – All amps turned up - No Girls Choir - No Nonsense – No Pleasing - No One But Us – No Looping – No…... Per made them work for allmost a year in the studio!!!!. No Good - Again or Hmmm.. Allmost or Quite Good, But...One More - over and over again !!... After this long, long struggle, a lot of arguing and even a bit of figthing they managed to put together an album with PURE ROCK. Very loud only one ballad. And just outstanding! All that said the focus was on live performance all the way... We will blow your mind away says Mika Vandborg... We can’t wait to play our music live.. its gonna be different…..its gonna be way better! Right now a tour is set up for late summer, around the release of the album late August. Dates will come out soon.... And right now we are rehearsing our butt of. It all sounds just awesome. Never been in anything before that gave me that Feeling says Mika..... Well se you out there.........  

BOOKING: KAIKA MUSIC, Marselis Boulevard 173, Dk-8000 Århus C, mail@kaika.dk, Ph: +45 70231 233

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