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**Sweet Sound**
Monterey Fuzz  -  0  DKK
This item is not for sale, shown in the memory of Bob Sweet.

Monterey Fuzz

  The Monterey Fuzz is a PNP Germanium transistor based Fuzz Face circuit as the original. The only “modernization” is the addition of a trim pot to adjust the voltage to the collector of the 2nd transistor. Which is used to adjust it to your taste, (sputtery, or smooth, thin or fat). Factory matched NKT 275 transistors. As with the Fillmore the Monterey cleans up nicely with just your guitar volume control.  

  • Solid construction that rivals ANY pedal made today (or yesterday) and built to last a lifetime
  • Custom made anodized aluminum cases
  • Battery or 9 volt adapter powered. Boss 2.1mm center negative standard
  • Military grade FR-4 glass epoxy double sided plated thru hole circuit board. It will out last us!
  • Full sized pots
  • Some models feature carbon composition resistors as the originals did
  • True bypass switching w/ LED indicators
  • All in and out jacks are mounted on the top so pedals can be mounted closer together
  • Caution: Standard Boss type power supply but positive ground and cannot be used “daisy chained” with a negative ground pedal

    Monterey Fuzz

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