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**4ms pedals**
Mini Noise Swash  -  1.595  DKK

Mini Noise Swash

  Breath-e the spectral noise layers of saturated soothingly blazing cymbals of pourring rushingwhiteness and sonics with guitarr or audiosonics creating devise.  

  The musician produces atethered spectrums of sheering whiteness ...beyond thee traditionalle distortion|fuzz boxes noise swash distortion plethorizes the gainationing of the sounnd to naturallieshatterr glasse and rumble the landes.  

Mini Noise Swash
  Knobs for Swash, Noisegate, Volume, Pregain, Postgain, Tone, and Preclip switch.
Bypass w/LED. Room for Low Power, Self-osc, and Postclip mods.

  True bypassed with LED indicator 3PDT stomp. 9VDC powersupply included barrel plug.
Die-cast 4x4x2 inch aluminum box.

Mini Noise Swash
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