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Full Metal Jacket  -  1.495  DKK
Full Metal Jacket

  Simple, yet effective distottion pedal - Adds all the gain, sustain and output you could want without affecting the tone of your guitar or amp. Even order harmonics, jfet based construction, produces a distortion similiar to over driven pre-amp tubes.  

  • Gain control-Varies the amount of distortion. Higher settings may cause noise.
  • Level control-Varies the amount of output. Capable of driving an amp in to saturation. Sounds best when ran a little above unity. (Louder with the pedal on).
  • Tone control-Varies the amount of treble or bass. Output is increased with higher settings. Suggest setting it as flat as possible and using your amp's tone controls for EQ'ing.
  • Boost-Increases the amount of distortion. Similiar to adding an extra pre-amp tube making the FMJ like a two channel tube amp. (Note: a small pop may occur when the boost is switched).
  • On/Off-True bypass of effect. (Note:. a small pop may occur when effect is switched on/off. This is normal and is a trait associated with true bypass.)

  • Input - Instrument in, unplug when not in use to conserve battery life. Out - Out to amp. 9vdc with negative center, filtered, and regulated power supply.

    Full Metal Jacket

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