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OD808X Extreme  -  137.12EUR
OD808X Extreme

OD808X is based on the mild and natural drive sound of Maxon classic OD808 circuit.

OD808X offers a different frequency response than the OD808 with an extended hi-frequency tonal range. This added range has been carefully tuned to provide clarity without becoming harsh, and it accentuates high-gain settings.

OD808X offers more gain and harder clipping than standard OD808, creating amp-like distortion with excellent note definition and clarity.

OD808X features buffered, JFET bypass switching with a low impedance output, allowing it to drive long cable lengths or othereffect units without loss of signal.

LED to indicate bypass/effect and battery condition for trouble-free performance.

Operates with 9V battery or standard AC adaptor.
Made in Japan.


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