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Guitar System Controller GSC-4  -  548.63EUR
Guitar System Controller GSC-4

Guitar System Controller GSC-4

The programmable footcontroller with 1 move allows to:

    Switch effects connected to the GSC-4 loops.
    Set channel and other amp functions thru the amps footswitch input.
    Send MIDI commands.

Graphic LCD TFT display 4,3” with sharp, high quality image with bank and preset names, two sections 2x500mA with 9V DC outs for powering stompboxes, controlling simultaneously 10 midi devices with PC and CC commands, expression pedal input, makes GSC-4 very helpful on the stage and in the studio.

Basic features:

    Graphic LCD TFT display 4,3” with sharp, high quality image.
    1000x preset, 100 banks with 10 presets each.
    Expression pedal input.
    6x loop for effect switching.
    6x relay for amp switching, 3 isolated stereo outs.
    6x 9V DC output for powering stompboxes, two sections 2x500mA.
    Switchable high impedance input buffer, identical with a tube amp characteristics at any preset.
    Dedicated TUNER output with the silent tuning function which receives the signal through very high impedance Circuit, no influence on a guitar signal.
    LOOP SPLIT mode enabling the connection of two stompboxes at the front and three in the amp fx loop without hums caused by ground loops.
    Phantom power mode for powering the GSC-4 thru midi out connector.
    Midi out and midi in connectors for controlling 10 midi devices independently on different midi channel.
    Adjusting 20 different Midi Control Change numbers for each midi device, 10 devices.
    12x footswitch, 10x multifunction + 2x bank preset, UP/DOWN.
    Footswitch modyficator function allows to set the footswitch as: ON/OFF effect or switch amp channel or call the preset on the particular MIDI device.
    The input for connecting a Wah-Pad WP and Whammy-Pad WP-2.
    USB connectors for connecting the keyboard and the computer intuitive navigation keyboard for direct quick setting.
    Durable, powder-coated casing.
    Dimensions: w50cm x d14cm x h6,5cm.
    Weight: 1,9kg.
    Power consumption without 9V outs loading: 24V DC 240mA.

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