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Headphone Tap  -  145.64EUR
Headphone Tap

  This device is a 50 watt dummy load with a headphone output jack.The headphone jack is a stereo jack wired for mono operation. The output level to the headphones is continuously adjustable. A variable line out is also provided. The load switch switches between the normal speaker for the amplifier and the internal dummy load, which is nominally 8 ohms. Most amplifiers will tolerate a 2 to 1 impedance mismatch. The headphone output jack and its volume control are always active regardless of the position of the load switch. 1.36Kg - 10.16cm wide, 12.7cm deep and 8.89cm high.  

Headphone Tap
  • 1.36kg weight
  • 10.16cm wide
  • 12.7cm deep
  • 8.89cm high

    Headphone Tap
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     In den Warenkorb 

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