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Tri Logic Bass Preamp  -  1.995  DKK
Tri Logic Bass Preamp

  Unlike many pre-amp on the market today, which tend to have that peculiar Active sound, Tri-logic Bass Pre-amp features a greatly expanded, wide dynamic range, for a natural warm sound, sought after by many of todays players. Also, the unique characteristics of various bass has been restored, and has been realized with a very low-noise output.

Designed and tested with feedback from professional musicians. You can make a sound to match any musical style. It works great with natural sound when used with acoustic bass with pickup.

Tri Logic Bass Preamp
  • Dimensions W/D/H 11,9cm X 9,4cm X 7,0cm
  • Weight 550g
  • Power Consumption 18VDC - 20mA
  • Battery Type - 9VDC 006P x 2
  • AC Adapter optional 18VDC Negative Tips Center, Regulated recommended
  • Input Impedance 500k & 50k switchable
  • Output Impedance 10k
  • Frequency high: 10kHz, mid: 3kHz high-mid, 400Hz low-mid, low: 20Hz

    Tri Logic Bass Preamp
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    Tri Logic Bass Preamp
    The Tri-logic Bass Preamp I use both on my electric basses plus on my acou ..
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