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**ISP Technologies**
Fetish Pedal  -  925  DKK
Fetish Pedal


  • Features - Gain, Tone, Level, and Fat controls
  • 4558 IC in distortion circuit
  • 9 Volt DC adapter capable
  • Bypass with LED indicator
  • Dynamic field effect transitions for tube like distortion

Fetish Pedal Description

Whats your fetish? Blues? Classic Rock? Modern Rock? ISP Technologies has got you covered with the new Fetish™ Distortion/Overdrive Pedal. With a year of testing the design and utilizing field effect transistors for tube like dynamics, the Fetish Pedal has moved from the drawing board to production and is adaptable to a variety of musical styles.

The Fetish™ can be used as an overdrive, distortion, clean boost, or treble booster depending on settings. And with the addition of a variable fat control, provides body and depth to a variety of settings. Packaged in the same rugged, beautifully polished smooth chrome chassis as the Decimator Pedal, the Fetish™ will be an awesome addition to your pedal board!

For Modern Rock the Fetish can be used as a boost in the front end of the amp for extra sensitivity. For Classic Rock, there is enough gain to duplicate the gain of a classic stack. The gain structure has the ability to clean up with a flick of the volume control on the guitar. The pedal can also be used as a boost for Blues oriented styles without changing the voicing of the amp. Also, as the Fetish is boosted in the clean setting as the level is increased, the signal pushes a final stage in the circuit to allow for a creamy overdrive effect.

Fetish Pedal

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