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Eight O Eight  -  1.399  DKK

Eight O Eight
  Faithful recreation of the original TS-808 circuit
Features the JRC4558D op-amp. Its overdrive circuit provides the same tone as a vintage '808, noted to provide tube like overdrive effects while retaining the guitars original tone.

Being a ground up build rather than a modified pedal has allowed us to provide some feature benefits up front.

  • The unit is built with metal film resistors and caps for the best fidelity possible.
  • The opamp is mounted in a socket so that you can swap engines easily.
  • An internal trimpot allows for adjustment to the amount of bottom end content present. The range is from stock TS to nearly flat (no flaby-ness wanted). The mids are not taken away, the bottom is brought up. A nice feature that lets you decide what the right amount of low end is.

Eight O Eight
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