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**Pro Tone**
Tv Delay  -  1.100  DKK
Tv Delay

  Pro Tone resisted going digital for some time now. We waited untill we could get analog warmth in the digital realm. We belive that we accomplished exactly that. Deleay time from 10ms to 580ms

The T.V. Delay is currently in use by Tommy Victor of Prong & Ministry.

  The Delay control adjusts the delay time.

The Level control offers the user full control of the balance of wet and dry signal.

The Repeats control determines the number of repeats. Full counter clock wise allows one repat to come through, while full clockwise allows endless repeats to create lush sonic landscapes.

Tv Delay

  • Operates on a standard 9 volt battery or optional BOSS style adapter.
  • Stomp switch built to withstand 30,000 stomps.
  • Aluminum housing with a tough-as-nails powder coat finish.
  • Hand built construction.
  • Color Coded LED for easy onstage identification.
  • Proudly made in Texas, USA.

    Tv Delay
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