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15cm Straight - Angle
Pacth Cable XP-XS SL  -  280  DKK
15cm Straight - Angle<br>Pacth Cable XP-XS SL

Original Xotic Cable
was developed with three strict requirements:

  • Sound should not be thin
  • Sound should cut through
  • Sound should have minimal noise

We utilized spirally structure copper wire shielded with conductive vinyl and wrapped with an flexible outer coating. The result; an easy to handle cable providing superior sound with minimal noise.

We used the gold standard of plugs Switchcraft
Straight #280 and the right-angle #226. Since most high-end guitars use Switchcraft jacks, matching the brand of plugs with jacks minimizes any electrical connection issues.

    Patch Cables

    XP-XS 15CM-SL
    XP-XS 15CM-LL (0.5FT)
    XP-XS 30CM-SL (1FT-SL)
    XP-XS 30CM-LL (1FT-LL)

15cm Straight - Angle<br>Pacth Cable XP-XS SL
  • PVC Jacket
  • Ov. Dia 6.0mm
  • Insulation 0.565mm2 (AWG#20), 50/0.12 OFC
  • DC Resistance Inner Conductor 0.033Ω/m
  • Spiral Style Main Shield
  • SS = Switchcraft #280 straight plug for both ends
  • SL = Switchcraft #280 and #226 Right angle plug for the other end
  • LL = Switchcraft Right Angle #226 for both ends
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