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**4ms pedals**
Phaseur Fleur  -  1.895  DKK
Phaseur Fleur

  ...phase with one thousand eighty degrees of phase shift... a six stage analog phase shifter with a multitude of controls... from a wavering, fluttering vibrato or a slight pitch shift... to a full phasing chorus... deepen your sound, widen your sound...  

  The phaseur uses optical components for ultra-clean analog phasing sound unlike harsh silicon or digital based phasers..
optional mods include a variety of waveshapers (square, ramp-up, symmetry), and expression pedal jacks for floor control of speed and/or depth
Also available are extra LFOs to either modulate the speed of the main LFO (fast-slow-fast-slow), or mix into the main ala "dual phasing" effect...

Phaseur Fleur

  True-bypassed with LED indicator (3PDT stomp). 9VDC barrel plug. Die-cast 4"x4"x2" aluminum box.

  • Speed: sweep the rate from the rythym of sea shore waves to a swelling throb to a machine gun pulse
  • Depth: amount of phasing from the threshold of consciousness through a rolling phase to a holistic phasing experience
  • Height: "manual" control of center phasing frequency Blend: blend between waivering vibrato to rich chorus-y sounds or anything in-between
  • Ring: regenerative feedback for resonant color variation almost to the point of self-oscillation

Phaseur Fleur
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