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**Dan Armstrong**
Yellow Humper  -  595  DKK
Yellow Humper
  Description: It is rather similar to the Purple Peaker, but was designed specifically with bass guitarists in mind. With the Humper, the musician can select a single 7 db peak or hump in the frequency response centered at 100 Hz to give his instrument a very solid bottom range in the" 1 " switch position. If he selects "2" 'he will get the same low end peak plus a 10 db peak at 2000 Hz to enhance his overtones and presence. Like the Purple Peaker, the Yellow Humper improves the signal even in the Off switch position due to its low 200 Output Impedance. The Yellow Humper was designed to let any bass. and many keyboards sound more powerful without be coming rumblv or thumpy. Like the Peaker. it is excel1ent for use in recording. The Humper's input impedance is 100 k Ohms, and its Signal-to-Noise ratio is a very quiet 92 db.  

  Dimensions: All six units are built in a sturdy, attractive aluminum housing with only the finest quality components. Overall dimensions are 59 m.m. wide x 59 m.m. high x 70 m.m. deep, although the unit protrudes only 43 m.m. from the face of a guitar. Weight is only 4 1/2 ozs., including battery.  

Yellow Humper

  Power Source: Powered by a single 9 volt battery (included). For Recessed Output Jacks: Adaptors are available to facilitate use.  

Yellow Humper
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