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Right Angle
°2.5 2125AR  -  39  DKK

Right Angle<br>°2.5 2125AR
Power plug adapters for Daisy Chain power cables

Convert standard 2.1 to 2.5 (for LINE 6, Whammy, Rotosphere etc.). One 2.1 female socket, 1 male r/a 2.5 plug; about 3" long. Used to power 2.5 pedals thru PedalSnake PLines. These pedals often require their own 2.5 power supply--so also see Power Plug Adapters for Supplies. ** LINE 6 MODELERS, if powered from a standard center-negative 9VDC supply (like SnakePOWER 9D120), also require 21RP (reverse polarity adapter). If powered by the LINE 6 supply, use only 2125AR for the pedal and 2521A for the supply (at the Amp End of a PedalSnake PLine).

Right Angle<br>°2.5 2125AR

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