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**Van Amps**
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100% Analog Spring Reverb Pedal that has become the reverb standard of choice for the serious guitar player the world over. The Sole-Mate is a single output and fully compatible with any guitaramp on the market. From surf to jazz, no other reverb comes close, claim that awesome reverb tone their very own. The Sole Mates circuit design negate spickup loading in both the effected and bypass mode. Our patented Tru-Out circuitry assures guitar toneintegrity by adhering strict parameters of guitar preampdesign. Fully buffered against loading, meaning you get your true guitar sound unaltered at the output, no rolled off highs or changes in level, Just the way you want it. Employs a bipolar fully regulated power supply for increased headroom and low noise operation.

230 Volt AC European adaptor included • Dwell and Output controls • AUX jack and switch: Additional foot switch control for your amp tremolo or other non-momentary switching duties. • Power, 12VAC, Current draw: 125ma peak • Weight 0,91kg • Dim. 25,4 x 15,2 x 5,1cm.

Someone at Sam Ash asked John Scofield to play a traditional blues, so he did. The guitar he is playing in the video is his own that he brought with him to the store. 00:59 Scofield kicks in the Sole-Mate Reverb.
I think this clip really capture the essence of many things.

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