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**Dan Armstrong**
Blue Clipper  -  595  DKK
Blue Clipper
  Description: Unpleasant high-order harmonics are eliminated by a low-pass filter leaving only a full, rich, distorted sound. When the Clipper is switched on, the instrument's volume control adjusts the amount of distortion. The output level of the distorted signal is adjusted internally to balance the fuzz loudness with the normal output of any instrument. The Clipper produces a super-stinging fuzz effect when combined with a Green Ringer. Input Impedance is 110 k Ohms. Output Impedance is 3 k Ohms, and the Signal-to-Noise ratio is 82db.  

  Dimensions: All six units are built in a sturdy, attractive aluminum housing with only the finest quality components. Overall dimensions are 59 m.m. wide x 59 m.m. high x 70 m.m. deep, although the unit protrudes only 43 m.m. from the face of a guitar. Weight is only 4 1/2 ozs., including battery.  

Blue Clipper

  Power Source: Powered by a single 9 volt battery (included). For Recessed Output Jacks: Adaptors are available to facilitate use.  

Blue Clipper
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