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RTD800 Real Tube Overdrive Distortion  -  3.262  DKK
RTD800 Real Tube Overdrive Distortion

RTD800 is an overdrive/distortion effect pedal with a real double triode tube.

Employs two independent circuits, one each for overdrive and distortion. Wide range of tube sound from traditional overdrive to metallic distortion can be easily created.

Boost circuit boosts output level by approx. 5dB factory default setting. Boost level is variable 3dB to 9dB. With BOOST switch, solos and rhythms can be instantly changed. BOOST LED lights when BOOST switch is on.

Employs NR with high-performance VCA/voltage controlled amplifier to cut noise. Variable threshold level makes your own setting easier. NR ON/OFF is selectable.

Employs NR status LED for easily viewable setting. The LED lights when noise decreases. NR status can be checked with the LED during performance.

9VDC supplied from AC adaptor is bumped up to 12.6V and stabilized by a DC to DC voltage converter and then supplied to each circuit.

True Bypass Switching using 4PDT mechanical switch.

Included European powersupply 9Vdc 2.0A. Made in Japan with confidence.

RTD800 Real Tube Overdrive Distortion

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