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Polysaturator  -  172.24EUR


  • Mellow Overdrive To Ultra High Gain Distortion
  • 3-Band 12 DB / Octave Grapic EQ
  • Class A, J-FET Front End
  • Original JRC4558D Op-Amps Throughout
  • Super Compact Design
  • True Bypass
  • 9-15VDC Power
  • Pigtronix 15VDC Adapter Included
  • Circuit Design By Howard Davis

Pigtronix PolySaturator is a compact, multi-stage distortion featuring an extra-wide gain range coupled with precision tuned low, mid and high band graphic EQs. Many of our customers have requested a stand-alone version of the Overdrive found in the OFO Disnortion pedal. The new PolySaturator takes our original design even further, adding a Class A J-FET booster stage to the front end and re-voicing the gain structure to provide an even wider range of sounds. The PolySaturator produces everything from subtle grit to blue velvet sustain inspired by our favorite tube amp lead channel.

Unprecedented touch sensitivity and overall range of distortion tones is achieved through multiple gain stages, and active EQ, perfectly balanced to give the musician enhanced control and expression using picking dynamics alone. The PolySaturator excels at gritty, edge-of-overdrive tones, but crank up the gain and you will be assaulted by face-melting ultra-high gain sounds that will please shredders and shoegazers alike with impressive string to string clarity and F.A.T. tube sound. Our new JRC4558D powered EQ circuits provide 12 db / octave active filtering over three distinct audio bands. This powerful EQ structure combined with our solid-state of the art approach to tube emulation, allows the musician to dial up wildly diverse and satisfying textures of analog distortion.


For those guitarists who are looking to graduate beyond outdated overdrive designs, the PolySaturator presents a flexible and affordable alternative that will outperform any other boutique or mass production distortion pedal available.

The gargantuan sound this tiny pedal offers is everything anyone could want in a distortion pedal. It doles out immense gain without sacrificing clarity. It swings beefy tone that can be regulated with a simple, three stage graphic EQ. The pedal will warm you with fuzz and, then with the turn of a knob, destroy you with pure, classic, amp quality distortion. In short: The first time I played this pedal, I polysaturated myself. - B-Dawg

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