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OCD original v3  -  1.795  DKK

OCD original v3
  Obsessive Compulsive Drive™ - AMPS....if you've ever owned a GREAT amp, like a Marshall 18 watt, a VOX AC15, a Marshall JTM45 and if you have a place where you can crank them up loud, then you know what I'm talking about... Smack a power chord and you (not only) hear the fundamental notes...but you get (count 'em) 4, 5, even 6 additional overtones ringing into a feedback... notes that you can whistle if your ear is good enough! Think; Zep's "Ocean," "Custard Pie," Classic tones including James Gang, the Beatles, AC/DC, FREE., etc.  

  Back off the guitar's volume and there are a dozen great other sounds at your fingertips... Clean, spanky sounds, with all the highs and lows still intact. And a Tele still sounds like a Tele, a Les Paul like a Les Paul.  

  PEDALS (until now) just can't hold a candle to what a good amp can do if you are really picky. You not only lose all the touch sensitivity, but forget about those complex Harmonics. (For me) It's always been somewhat of a compromise using Overdrive pedals... until now. Ladies and Gentleman, I am proud to introduce the Fulltone OCD. I made this pedal for me, but I think you might like it too.  

OCD original v3
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